1. Minimum 20 post/article

:-You need minimum 20 posts to get approval on your website or blog and the content must be unique, Blog posts need a minimum of 300-500 words long.

2. Website layout must be well designed

:- Website or blog needs a proper logo and title with a good quality theme In a blog post and good quality images are a must for getting approval on your website.

3. Website must be reachable without any errors

:- Your website must be live or reachable without errors like 404 error when our moderator reviewing your website.

4. Website must be clean

:- Your website must be clean and simple, Use a simple theme for your website don't use extra widgets and bars on your website.

:- Your website must be free from viruses, malware or phishing related content, you can check your site phishing status from the google tool - Safe Browsing site status

6.GDPR compliance

:- Your website must be GDPR compliant and it must contain pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us, and terms.

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