Hey! How are you? Hope you're doing well. In this article I'm going to tell How you can verify your WordPress site on Bulletprofit, So Let's get started.

First of all, visit Bulletprofit and login to your account. After login to your account, just go to the Sites option and just click on Add Site.

Now select HTTP or HTTPS according to your website and enter your site's URL on the URL box, then click on Next.

After clicking on the Next Button You will get a META TAG, Now you have to put the META TAG inside your WordPress theme's <head></head> section.

There are two ways to verify the META TAG.

  1. Directly add the code by editing the Theme.

  2. By using a WordPress Plugin.

Let me show you both ways of verification.

Method 1: Editing the WordPress Theme

Okay, after copying the META TAG, open your WordPress Dashboard and go to the Appearance section and click on the Theme Editor.

After opening the Theme Editor find the Theme Header option on the theme files section and click on it.

Now add the META TAG inside the <head></head> section and click on update file, like showing in the image.

Method 2: Using WordPress Plugin

Open your WordPress dashboard and go to the Plugin section and click on add new to install the plugin we need.

Now click on the search bar and search for a plugin named Insert Header and Footer and install that plugin.

After adding the plugin go to the WordPress settings and click on Insert Header and Footer, and add your META TAG on the Head section, and save it.

After adding the META TAG go back to Bulletprofit and click on the Verify Button.

After verification Add your site name and select the category and click on submit, Don't forget to select the correct category otherwise your site will be rejected at the time of approval.

Now you're all set, just wait for approval, the approval process may take up to 24 hours. After approval, you're ready to show Bulletprofit ads on your WordPress site.

Thank You for reading this Article, We hope it will be helpful for you.

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